The Doctor of Ministry degree at Robert E. Cooley Theological Seminary (RECTS) is an advanced professional program meticulously designed to enrich and elevate leaders passionate about serving God and the global church. This 36-credit hour program is rooted in a transformative educational philosophy, harmonizing Competency-Based Theological Education (CBTE) with Mentored Teamwork to create a learning environment that is both academically rigorous and deeply personal.

Innovative Educational Approach: RECTS embraces CBTE, a modern educational paradigm that fosters practical skills and measurable outcomes, ensuring that learning transcends traditional theoretical confines. It emphasizes the importance of mentorship and relationship-building, nurturing a holistic, spirit-filled discipleship journey. The program’s unique structure revolves around Mentored Teamwork, where each student collaborates closely with a diverse team of mentors, integrating their educational pursuits with real-world ministerial challenges.

Program Structure: The Doctor of Ministry unfolds in three progressive phases:

  1. Program Entry Phase: Students commence with the ‘Starting Well’ initiative and the foundational ‘Effective Project Design’ seminar, setting a solid groundwork for their ministerial project.
  2. Integration and Directed Learning Phase: This phase includes four Integration Seminars and Directed Learning Experiences, allowing students to delve deep into their chosen ministry areas, ranging from Sociological and Cultural Understanding to Pastoral Theology.
  3. Program Completion Phase: The journey culminates with the completion of a substantial final project and participation in the ‘Continuing Well’ capstone, sealing the students’ readiness to make impactful strides in their ministerial careers.

Distinctive Features:

Final Project: A hallmark of the program, the final project demands a harmonious blend of theoretical understanding and practical application, encouraging students to undertake transformative initiatives in their ministry contexts.

Admission Requirements:

In essence, the Doctor of Ministry at RECTS is not just a degree; it’s a journey of spiritual and intellectual transformation, preparing leaders to navigate the complexities of modern ministry with wisdom, skill, and a heart for God’s work. This program stands as a testament to RECTS’s commitment to shaping visionary leaders who are ready to make a lasting impact in the world for Christ.