Welcome to the transformative journey of the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program at Robert E. Cooley Theological Seminary. This comprehensive degree is meticulously designed to prepare individuals for a profound life of religious leadership, service in various ministerial settings, or for pursuing advanced degrees. With a requirement of 72 credit hours, our MDiv program is not just an academic pursuit but a spiritual voyage tailored to shape future leaders according to the highest theological and ethical standards.

Institutional Values

Our MDiv program is anchored in the bedrock of our institutional values:
  1. Scriptural Authority: Upholding a high view of Scripture as the ultimate guide for faith and practice.
  2. Evangelical Perspective: Committing to the Gospel’s core and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Christian Mission: Embracing the Great Commission, dedicating ourselves to spreading the Gospel universally.
  4. Educational Excellence and Accessibility: Providing top-tier, affordable theological education, especially in regions marred by political turmoil and economic hardship.

Educational Philosophy at RECTS

At RECTS, our vision and mission are the soul of our educational philosophy. Our educational strategy is twofold:
  1. Competency-Based Theological Education (CBTE): Moving beyond traditional learning models, CBTE focuses on practical, outcome-based education. This progressive approach ensures that every aspect of learning is intentional and measurable, fostering a robust relationship with God and a deep understanding of ministry.
  2. Mentored Teamwork: A cornerstone of our philosophy, mentored teamwork ensures each student is part of a nurturing ecosystem comprising a faculty mentor, a vocational mentor, and a personal mentor. This model champions collaborative learning, spiritual growth, and practical ministry skills.

Program Structure and Curriculum

The MDiv program is a balanced amalgamation of rigorous academic study and practical ministry training, divided into three main blocks:
  1. Biblical Theology (BT): Delving deep into the Old and New Testaments, offering tools for skillful exegesis and interpretation.
  2. Christian Thought (CT): A broad spectrum covering church history, ethics, and diverse theological perspectives.
  3. Pastoral Theology (PT): Focusing on spiritual formation, pastoral care, preaching, and leadership in a church context.

Unique Learning Experiences:

  • Starting Well: Introduction to Ministerial Studies, setting the stage for a fruitful learning journey.
  • Christian Spirituality: Courses like Spirituality and Discipleship, nurturing a life rooted in Christ.
  • Cultural Exegesis and Gospel Proclamation: Training in effectively communicating the Gospel in diverse cultural contexts.
  • Theology and Worship: A deep dive into the core doctrines of Christianity and their expression in worship.
  • Christian Tradition and Ethics: Understanding the historical journey of the church and ethical living in ministry.
  • Collaboration and Care: Courses focusing on pastoral care, counseling, and effective church administration.
  • Reflection in Community and Contextual Project: Encouraging reflective practice in ministry settings and the implementation of a ministry project.

Kairos and ATS Accreditation Focus

Our curriculum aligns with the standards set by our educational partner, Kairos, and our accrediting agency, the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). This ensures a comprehensive educational experience focusing on religious heritage, cultural context, personal and spiritual formation, and religious and public leadership.


The proposed MDiv program at Robert E. Cooley Theological Seminary stands as a beacon of excellence, ready to empower future ministers with deep theological insight, practical ministry skills, and a heart for service. We eagerly present this program for approval, anticipating its profound impact on the Christian Church and its leaders. Embark on this sacred journey with us, where rigorous academic study meets heartfelt ministry, all under the guidance of distinguished mentors. Together, we will shape a brighter, more spiritually enriched future.