Dr. Robert E. Cooley’s illustrious career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to serving the Christian community. Beyond his academic achievements, Dr. Cooley has been a guiding light in numerous Christian nonprofits and boards, including The Association of Theological Schools and World Relief. This article delves into Dr. Cooley’s significant contributions in these organizations and his enduring impact on Christian nonprofit consultancy and governance.

Steering The Association of Theological Schools

As Chairman of The Association of Theological Schools, Dr. Cooley played a pivotal role in shaping the future of theological education. His leadership and strategic vision were instrumental in enhancing the quality of theological schools and fostering collaboration among member institutions.

Championing Humanitarian Efforts with World Relief

At World Relief, Dr. Cooley’s compassionate leadership and commitment to humanitarian causes were evident. He worked tirelessly to address global issues such as poverty, disaster relief, and refugee assistance, embodying the organization’s mission to empower the vulnerable.

Expertise in Christian Nonprofit Consultancy

Dr. Cooley’s extensive knowledge and experience in organizational leadership made him a sought-after consultant in the Christian nonprofit sector. He provided invaluable insights and guidance to organizations, helping them navigate challenges and optimize their impact.

Governance and Ethical Leadership

In every board position he held, Dr. Cooley exemplified ethical leadership and sound governance. His principled approach and dedication to transparency and accountability earned him the respect of his peers and contributed to the success of the organizations he served.

Fostering Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

Dr. Cooley’s ability to build bridges and foster partnerships was a hallmark of his leadership. He facilitated collaborations between Christian nonprofits, academic institutions, and community organizations, enhancing the collective impact of their efforts.

Advocacy for Education and Community Development

A staunch advocate for education and community development, Dr. Cooley supported initiatives aimed at uplifting underserved communities. His advocacy work contributed to positive change and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Mentorship and Leadership Development

Dr. Cooley’s commitment to mentorship extended to the leaders of Christian nonprofits. He invested time and effort in nurturing the next generation of leaders, sharing his wisdom and experience to guide them in their leadership journey.

Impact on Organizational Growth and Sustainability

Under Dr. Cooley’s guidance, organizations experienced growth and enhanced sustainability. His strategic planning and innovative thinking were instrumental in ensuring the long-term success and viability of the nonprofits he served.

Legacy in Christian Nonprofit Leadership

Dr. Cooley’s contributions to Christian nonprofits and boards have left a lasting legacy. His leadership, wisdom, and dedication to service continue to inspire those who work in the nonprofit sector, striving to make a difference in the world.


Dr. Robert E. Cooley’s life of service in Christian nonprofits and boards reflects his deep commitment to Christian values and humanitarian principles. His significant contributions in leadership, consultancy, and advocacy have had a far-reaching impact, shaping the trajectory of numerous organizations and leaving an indelible mark on Christian nonprofit leadership. As we honor Dr. Cooley’s legacy, we are reminded of the transformative power of compassionate leadership and selfless service.